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Reading your bill and annual statement

A few key details are important to note when reading energy bills


Your bill

Your latest energy bill will feature a lot of the information that you need to understand how much gas and electricity you use (which also appears on your new annual summary). However, different energy suppliers present the information in different ways.


Your energy bill is personalised to you and includes your current tariff information, which you'll find in a box called 'About your tariff' on page 2 of your bill.

It will display:

 - Your tariff name
 - Your tariff end date
 - Your method of payment
 - Your annual energy consumption. The information above on your bill is the minimum you should have to hand for comparing tariffs – it will tell you everything you need to know to be a successful energy shopper.

Our handy key explains what each part of your energy bill means.


1. Current tariff information

This tells you the name of the tariff you’re on and what type of tariff it is – for example, fixed-term or variable tariff with no end date.

2. Payments and charges

This shows how you pay your energy bills (e.g. via Direct Debit) and what both the unit rate and standing charge are for your current tariff.

3. Tariff terms

Here you’ll find the date your energy tariff ends, the date until your current price is guaranteed and any exit fees you might have to pay (should you cancel before the end date).

4. Discounts and extra services

Find out about any discounts you may be entitled to (such as for managing your account online), along with any additional charges, products or services, such as supermarket loyalty points.

5. Consumption and charges

This shows your personalised annual energy consumption, along with a projection of your gas and electricity bills for the next twelve months (based on current prices, including VAT).

6. Tariff Comparison Rate

This is a quick way to help you compare your energy tariff with others via a quick scan of the QR code. Find out more about TCRs here

Your tariff information

Tariff Information Label

Your annual energy summary


Your annual energy summary will feature a lot of the same information as your bill, but it is not a bill – there's nothing to pay.

Your annual summary or statement is a written document that an energy supplier will send you each year containing key facts about your tariff, your energy use over the previous 12 months, and an estimate of your likely costs over the next 12 months. It will also tell you how much you could save by changing to another tariff with your current supplier.


I’d prefer to call my energy supplier


If you wish to contact gas and electricity suppliers direct to see if they can offer you a better energy deal, their contact details are below. Note that some suppliers don’t offer a phone number and can only be contacted online. This list is updated every six months as the number of active suppliers in the domestic energy market changes over time.

Click here for the full list.

You might also wish to print off the comparison notepad and write down any information you are given.


Learn how to compare energy tariffs

View Ofgem’s extensive list of accredited energy comparison sites to help calculate how you could save by switching.