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Energy Shopping for Students

Have you just moved into your student house and want to spend less on bills? You could save around £200 on gas and electricity just by switching energy supplier. Find out how with our 5 point guide below.

You could save around £200


If your gas and electricity bills aren’t included in your rent then you’re usually free to choose which energy supplier you use.

  • When you move in make sure you take a meter reading straight away and phone it through to your current supplier. Do the same when you move out so you don’t end up paying someone else’s bills!

  • Even if you’ve never paid an energy bill before, you can still switch and save money. Call your current supplier, ask them for a personal projection and then use this to help you compare prices and find the best deal.

    If you have a pre-payment meter (one with a key or a card) you should still be able to switch provider.

  • It’s really easy to switch online. Have a look at our list of accredited comparison sites.

  • Switching supplier is a great way to save money on your energy bills. And if you’ve already switched, you can reduce your bills even more with these simple energy saving habits.

  • If you’d like more help and advice on switching energy supplier or paying bills, just get in touch with your student advice service.

  • Learn how to compare energy tariffs

    View Ofgem’s extensive list of accredited energy comparison sites to help calculate how you could save by switching.