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Energy Shopping for Students

Just moved into your student house and want to save money on bills? You could save around £200 on gas and electricity just by switching energy supplier.

You could save around £200

If your gas and electricity bills aren’t included in your rent then you’re usually free to choose which energy supplier you use.

  • When you move in make sure you take a meter reading straight away and phone it through to your current supplier. Do the same when you move out so you don’t end up paying someone else’s bills!

  • Even if you’ve never paid an energy bill before you can still switch and save money. Call your current supplier, ask them for a personal projection and then use this to help you compare prices and find the best deal.

    If you have a pre-payment meter (one with a key or a card) you should still be able to switch provider. 

  • It’s really easy to switch online. Have a look at our list of accredited comparison sites.

  • Switching supplier is a great way to save money on your energy bills. And if you’ve already switched, you can reduce your bills even more with these simple energy saving habits.

  • If you’d like more help and advice on switching energy supplier or paying bills, just get in touch with your student advice service.

Tenants' rights

You can find our more details on the rights of tenants to switch suppliers.

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