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Go Energy Shopping

Learn how to be an energy shopper in just 3 steps. If you decide to switch energy supplier or tariff you may be pleasantly surprised by the savings you could make.

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Take stock

Find out exactly how much energy you're using and what you're paying.


Taking a close look at how much energy you’re using at the moment and what you’re paying will help you compare like-for-like information when you’re considering other deals. It’s your first step to becoming a savvy energy shopper.

Have the following information to hand:

You can find the above information on the following documents – or you can call your supplier:


Shop around

Choose the right deal for you. Check you’re on the best tariff with your current energy supplier – then compare that deal to those on offer with other suppliers (before deciding what suits you).


Energy is expensive, so it’s nice to know what your options are – even if you find you’re getting a good deal and decide to stay with your current provider. Being a successful energy shopper is all about knowing what’s out there – and deciding what's important to you. It may be cost, renewable energy or customer service. It's up to you to decide whether you want to stay on your current energy deal, switch to another tariff with your existing supplier or switch to a new energy supplier altogether. Don’t forget to check if separate gas and electricity tariffs from different suppliers could result in a cheaper deal for you. When you go energy shopping, it’s about getting the deal that’s right for you. 

Find out what's on offer:

  • Call or go online to see if your provider can give you a better offer.
  • Call or check individual energy suppliers’ websites for their latest deals.
  • Visit an Ofgem-accredited energy price comparison site to see all the deals available to you.

Take control

Here’s what to do next if you’ve decided to switch tariff or switch energy supplier – it won’t take long, and it could save you money.


You’ve done your homework, checked out the competition and decided on a shiny new tariff – putting you in the driving seat. Now you can switch to a new energy deal and start saving.

Get your new tariff:

  • Contact the new supplier you have chosen and tell them you’d like to switch to them, or use a switching site and they will do the rest.
  • Pay any money you owe to your existing supplier.
  • If you’re renting your property, make sure you let your landlord or managing agent know that you’re changing supplier. Find out more about tenants' rights when switching suppliers.


Don’t forget that things change. So it’s worth checking every few months that you’re still getting the best energy deal for you. 

What to do first

Before you begin energy shopping, you need to know exactly how much you’re paying – our ‘understanding your tariff’ section will help you do this.

Your tariff information