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Now it’s easier to be an energy shopper

Important changes in the way you buy your energy mean it’s now much easier for you to shop around for a better deal on your gas and electricity.

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Our Go Energy Shopping Guide has been designed to help you find a better deal.

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Latest news

  • Ofgem: Tenants are paying out £200 extra for fuel

    PEOPLE in rented homes can save up to £200 a year by switching energy supplier — but three quarters never do, watchdogs have found.

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  • The best energy deals and why you should switch suppliers now

    Ofgem research reveals those renting are less likely to switch energy tariffs – and that may mean missing out on savings

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  • Switching energy supplier can save you hundreds of pounds

    Have you switched energy supplier recently? Or are you one of the millions of people who have never moved electricity and gas to another company? If you’ve been with the same energy supplier for years it’s quite likely that you are paying about £200 more than you need to for your heating and lighting.

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  • Britons should flick switch on suppliers, says Ofgem

    Customer choice may be increasingly broad, but electricity users are still reluctant to pull the plug on their supplier. However, the industry regulator is hoping to tackle a culture of apathy by urging customers to shop around.

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  • Half of Britons complain about rocketing energy prices... but cannot be bothered to shop around for better deals

    Almost half of Britons complain about soaring bills - but cannot be bothered to look for a better deal, research reveals. At least 45 per cent of bill-payers feel their potential savings wouldn't be worth the change, while one in four said they can face the 'hassle'.

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  • Energy switching numbers still low, says Ofgem

    Nearly two-thirds of people have never switched energy supplier, according to a survey for the energy regulator, Ofgem.

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I want to make sure that consumers are put at the heart of this market. Ofgem’s reforms are here to make it easier for you to get a better deal on your energy. Dermot Nolan, CEO, Ofgem

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