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Welcome to the energy regulator Ofgem’s Be An Energy Shopper website.  We’ll help you find the best deal for your gas and electricity.

Understanding Bills


Energy Tariffs and Deals


Switching Suppliers



  • How can I compare energy tariffs?

    Fixed, variable, duel fuel or other, find out exactly what they mean and decide what works for you.

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  • I have a pre-payment meter – can I still switch?

    Yes, you can still switch. If you use a pre-payment meter, you should be able to switch with a debt of up to £500

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  • Can I switch if I’m in a student house?

    If your gas and electricity bills aren’t included in your rent then you’re usually free to choose which energy supplier you use. And it’s definitely worth doing if you can, because switching energy supplier could save you around £200.

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  • I am in credit or debt with my current energy supplier – can I still switch?

    If you’re in credit you should ask your current supplier to refund that money. Once they’ve paid the money they owe you, you can switch. If you’re in debt with your supplier, you may be required to pay what you owe before you can switch. If you’re a pre-payment customer you can have a debt of up to £500 and still be able to switch.

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  • Can I switch if I am renting a property?

    If you’re a tenant and are directly responsible for paying your energy bills, you can choose which supplier you use. However, if you decide to switch, you may be required under your tenancy agreement to tell your landlord – so speak to them about it first.

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  • What if I change my mind?

    Check before you switch to find out if there is a cooling-off period available to you. You may not always be able to change your mind once you’ve entered into a new contract. You may need to pay an exit fee to get out of a fixed-term contract.

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Be An Energy Shopper has helped over 1 million people shop around for their energy and save money. So why not join them and shop around for a better deal? Dermot Nolan, CEO, Ofgem